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Helping Entrepreneurs 
From Idea to Exit

Wherever your business is on its journey, Dixon Law is here to make it a success.


The Right Advice,
Right When You Need It

With Dixon Law you will find not just a world-class business lawyer, but an advocate with the experience to help you avoid pitfalls and find opportunities as your business grows and evolves.



Years of experience

at Cooley LLP and

Dixon Law


Startup Companies



M&A Transactions

with Aggregate Value of Over $3 Billion


Venture Financings

with Aggregate Value of Over $1 Billion



Comprehensive Legal Service for Entrepreneurs and Investors 


When you launch a new company, you need to think not only of the problems you are solving today, but also what you will face in the future.  Let Dixon Law guide you on the right path to get your company started while thinking several steps ahead for future success.    

Venture Capital

With over a decade of experience working closely with entrepreneurs and investors in the venture capital space, from structure and strategy of investment to executing on a raise, Dixon Law can give you the insights you need to efficiently and effectively close your venture financing.

Mergers and Acquisitions

For entrepreneurs selling a business built on years of effort or buyers putting significant capital at risk in an acquisition, Dixon Law understands what is at stake during the sale of a company. M&A transactions are often complex and time-consuming, with many hidden risks for buyers and sellers. We understand the process and want to help you manage risks while steering your transaction to a successful closing. 


About Dixon Law

After more than 12 years of working at Cooley LLP, one of the world's leading law firms for high growth and innovative companies and investors, Eric Dixon opened Dixon Law to provide a platform for more personal and hands-on engagement with clients. 

Dixon Law utilizes new technologies to help streamline and standardize transactions while partnering with a network of outside specialists to provide our clients with the best outcome. With a focus on efficiency and proven results, we provide world-class legal service to our clients for a fraction of the cost of large law firms.

Dixon Law strives to be not just a service provider but an integrated part of your team, offering the personal attention needed to understand your business and priorities. We're excited about being on the journey with you and look forward to helping you every step of the way.    

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Image by Grace Dadson

Discover how Dixon Law can help you.

Dixon Law is passionate about working with innovative high growth companies and daring investors.   

With years of experience with companies at all stages, Dixon Law can help you from idea to exit.

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