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Startups  /  Venture Capital  /  M&A 

Formation and Structure

Creating proper foundations for your business to ensure founders and stockholders are protected.


Protect your business with

tailored terms and skillfully

drafted agreements.

Venture Capital

Issue equity or invest

without undue risk.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Secure the optimal outcome for the sale of your business, or acquire a business with confidence.

Dixon Law strives to provide entrepreneurs and investors with practical legal solutions to help their businesses thrive.

With over a decade of experience working with startup companies, entrepreneurs, and investors, Dixon Law can cut through the noise and help you focus on what truly matters. Skilled in entity formation and structuring, corporate governance, drafting material contracts, venture capital investments, and mergers and acquisitions, Dixon Law can guide you through both your daily legal challenges and the successful closing of any transaction in your company's lifecycle. Dixon Law can provide the support you need to allow you to focus on making your business a success, from idea to exit. 


Forming your company correctly creates a path for future success. 

Dixon Law will make forming your company simple and straightforward. While anyone can start a company, not everyone can tell you the "why" of what you're doing, what you should ignore, and what to worry about. Only through seeing the ups and downs of many startups and the successes and failures that play out over the years can a legal advisor provide you with the insights you need to manage risks while ensuring you don't get caught off guard. Dixon Law will use its experience and in-depth knowledge of industry-specific priorities and participants to set you on the right path from day one. Have access to thoughtful legal structuring while we help manage the contractual, corporate governance, and other legal challenges you face daily.

  • Entity Choice and Formation

  • Corporate Structuring 

  • Founder Equity and Vesting Terms

  • Equity Incentive Plans

  • Board and Stockholder Governance

  • Employee and Contractor Agreements

  • Joint Ventures

  • Wide Breadth of Industry Experience

  • Series Seed Financings

  • Founder Loans 

  • Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFE) 

  • Convertible Promissory Notes

  • Crowd Funding

  • Series A (and beyond) Preferred Stock Financing


Passionate founders and visionary investors can create remarkable things together; a well-structured financing transaction can ensure the relationship gets off on the right foot.

A financing transaction is a critical opportunity to establish the ground rules among founders and investors. From economic preferences to voting provisions, governance rights, and board composition, the many decisions made during any financing transaction will have long-lasting impacts on the founders, the investors, and the company's overall path to success. Whether you are a first-time founder, a serial entrepreneur, or an institutional investor, Dixon Law can provide thoughtful advice and guidance tailored to your specific goals and priorities.  

Venture Capital


Selling a company is high pressure and high stakes, for both sellers and buyers, but it doesn't have to be painful.

Selling your company can be a dream or a nightmare. Buying a company can leave you with more (or less) than you bargained for in the beginning. By engaging early in the sale process, identifying risks, thoughtfully structuring the transaction, setting expectations, and improving coordination between buyers and sellers, Dixon Law can enhance the experience of going through an M&A transaction and increase the chances that it concludes with a successful closing. The sale of a business is a lot of work, but Dixon Law offers sophisticated and efficient legal guidance to help you get through every step of the process. 

  • Transaction Structuring

  • Due Diligence 

  • Merger Agreements

  • Equity Purchase Agreements

  • Asset Purchase Agreements

  • Representation and Warranty Insurance

  • ​Equity Rollovers

  • Post-Closing Integration

Mergers and Acquisitions

Discover how Dixon Law can help you.

Dixon Law is passionate about working with innovative high growth companies and daring investors.   

With years of experience with companies at all stages, Dixon Law can help you from idea to exit.

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